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Enrich your business process & operations with refined data on your heavy equipment


Data Acquistion

Equiptal’s telematics gateway is connected to your equipment’s onboard ECM , the sensor data is then transmitted wirelessly via cellular network.


Data Processing

Equiptal’s Central database receives the telematics data, where it is processed, stored, and made available for use with the required level of granularity.


Data Viewing

Our real- time client allows you to customize reports & dashboards. Utilize our application specific dash-boards or pull the data to your own systems with Equiptal’s restful API’s .


Data Analysis

Data is refined further with Equiptal’s proprietary rule engine, enabling you to translate your equipment data into machine states to calculate the performance metrics that matter to you.

Our Offering

Product Features

Enrich your business process & operations with refined data on your heavy equipment

Equipment Marketplace

An online marketplace facilitating equipment rental for diverse purposes, connecting owners with renters.

Streamlined rental process for both equipment owners and renters.

Access to a diverse range of equipment options beyond local availability.

Flexible pricing and rental duration accommodate diverse needs and budgets.

Community-driven trust through user reviews and reliable customer support.

Equipment Data Platform

Harness the power of telematics to provide proactive data insights into your equipment.

Continuously monitor equipment performance metrics with over 155 unique data parameters.

Gather data on equipment usage & customize reports & dashboards that fit your needs.

Seamlessly connect our data platform with APIs, offering flexible integration capabilities to your own systems.

Equipment & Site Management

Streamlines site management operations, optimizing coordination, communication, and resource allocation for enhanced project efficiency.

Centralizes project data and communications for improved coordination among teams and stakeholders.

Tracks progress and resource allocation in real-time, facilitating proactive decision-making.

Streamlines task assignment and scheduling, reducing delays and enhancing project timelines.

Enhances safety protocols by facilitating quick dissemination of critical information and updates to relevant personnel.

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Why Equiptal

Enrich your business process & operations with refined data on your heavy equipment

Access 800+ Equipment Suppliers & Contractors

Your comprehensive source for top-quality industrial equipment and expert contracting services.

Maximize Your Equipment's

Enhancing operational efficiency by optimizing usage and performance of equipment resources.

Gain Visibility & Manage
Your Sites

Achieve control and oversight across multiple sites with streamlined management solutions for enhanced efficiency and performance tracking.

Optimize Fleet Operations, Cost & Performance

Enhance efficiency and productivity through strategic management and utilization of fleet resources, minimizing costs and maximizing performance.

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