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Equiptal seeks to ensure that it’s delivered products are of the highest quality, security, and usability. As Such, Equiptal frequently performs re-deploys of its software for security updates, maintenance, and the addition of new features.


The Scope of this policy is limited to all products and services that Equiptal builds and provides, deployed and maintained on Equiptal’s servers across any cloud or self-managed environments

Deployment Frequency

Equiptal commits to the principles of continuous delivery, meaning that Equiptal deploys the code of all features, fixes, and any software changes as soon as they are ready and tested.

Deployment Methodology

Equiptal performs its deployments using blue-green deployments. Blue-Green deployments is a practice where 2 identical environments are created with the same data, one of which runs a more recent version of a software, which are then switched out seamlessly on users. This means that Equiptal deployments are, unless otherwise specified, 0-downtime, and do not effect business operations.

Deployment Times

Equiptal reserves the right to deploy and re-deploy any of its software products to its servers in the cloud and on premise at any given time of the day, given that Equiptal can demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that that deployment does not disrupt business operations. In the case of the potential disruption of business operations, all customers will be notified through Equiptal’s services that a potentially disruptive action is imminent, with the time of that action and its overall timeframe specified. Such disruptive actions are to be performed only when needed, and are to be avoided within normal operating hours.